There has been an increasing conscious amongst founders of Start-ups and New entrepreneurial ventures that efficiency of human resource as a function is crucial for long term business viability. Thus for start-ups, which put a higher premium on temperament over qualifications, cultural fit is often more important than pure skills.

Regular channels will bring only regular candidates, who might not be able to work in a start-up. Human Resource is the only valuable asset start-ups have as they are often hard pressed for funds. Spequa brings in rich experience and highly qualified professionals to Start Ups running the show without worrying about talent acquisition.

The NGO sector is not an obvious choice for mid career professionals who do not have a background in terms of education or personal orientation in this sector. Primary reasons for private sector professionals looking at working in the private sector include an inherent desire to contribute to the society. The sector is gradually becoming a more viable career option, fraught with new challenges and opportunities to make a real difference.

We realized that the Not for Profit Sector was emerging as a new force contributing to the social development in India. With our dedicated team of experienced consultants, it is easier for us to understand our clients’ needs, and the challenges associated with them. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector and a strong network across other industries, we can source the right talent from different sectors. We act as true consultants to our clients – suggesting strategies to source, develop, create, retain and motivate the right talent pool.


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